Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The WARNING SIGNS - Stop treating the symptoms, and start treating the cause

A series of blogs and case studies to show how trust is the foundation on which all good businesses, homes and families, and communities stand

In a numbered ‘symptom #x’ approach, this series of writings/blogs/case studies will be focused on awareness raising and proving that trust is NOT the ‘soft’ skill that most leaders think it is, but absolutely delivers results – in business, in homes and families, in communities, in society.
The series will run along the same categories that entente explores in ‘The Truth about Trust in Business’, in our coaching programs, in the truth about trust certification training for coaches and consultants, and training for ‘Chief Trust Officers’.
You can download and read The Simple Truth about Trust here, which will give you the basic model for trust that I’ll be exploring in this series.
Let me know your thoughts, questions, and share with me your own experiences of these warning signs and symptoms as we travel through the many faceted world of trust.

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